two poems by william keckler


Last night I dreamt
that every day I would wake up
and push several miles
through snow past my hip
to this field with 2 empty mansions
where you kept two beds
in the snow, the bottom
of the field (which was a hill)
and you broadcast
a poetry show from your bed
and your bro broadcast
a poetry show from his bed
next to yours
and i would go each day
like a starving deer
and walk through deep snow
somewhere around you
where tree branches bent down
into the earth their wires
strange open cages
I would go, wander around
near you and pretend
it was all an accident
I was there in the snow
and at the end of my dream
you were broadcasting your radio show
and you motioned me into your bed
you kept talking to strangers
who love you and your show
somehow I was suddenly there
below your body
I lay under you, I listened
while you spoke funny words
to your listeners I giggled
with my eyes closed
I kept my eyes closed
because it was so wonderful
and you kissed me fast
I think on my forehead
an innocent jesus kiss
I kept my eyes closed
even in the dream
but I felt saved
and then I realized
your bro was giving you a look
like “I wouldn’t do that
if I were you bro”
a zoo signal
because he’s more afraid
of insanity than you are
but it was cool
I knew you only did it
because I closed my eyes
still I was so happy I was in your bed
outside in the snow, the field
it was euphoric blue
like a field after blizzard
will be
I was somewhere else
in the dream still happy
I think it was an abandoned shed
children’s books all over the floor
it was death coming
but that was ok too
because I had the memory of
your comic kiss
in your bed in that field
ridiculously open to the snow
1 thing I love about you
despite your eyes is
you’ll do anything for a laugh
and that’s a buddhist thing
we are all kids in a cemetery
having a snowball fight
getting hit in the face with snowballs
hit in the face with light
it’s okay just laugh
and eat the light
I don’t wanna leave the snow
let’s skip school and stay here
until the moment suddenly comes

gay guys pretend-straight
in “gay for pay” videos
I like to watch them
imitate heterosexuals
fuck and get fucked
in the videos they pretend
they’re virgins to gayness
it’s cute how
they protest hard
they pretend amazement
“man why am I this hard?”
they say to the camera
go hard or go homo
because it works
some gay guys up
so much, steal an apple
and fuck it
and gay guys cum
right when they say
“it’s just like pussy”
while deep in ass
William Keckler‘s books include Sanskrit of the Body and Recombinant Image Day. He blogs at Joe Brainard’s Pyjamas (the Sequel). William lives with two cats (who insist they are divorced from one another) in a tall house that shakes in wind during the winter, and which he considers a nineteenth century ship. Because it tacks. He has made over 22,000 lolcats at the Cheezburger site. Cat obsession. His writing has recently appeared in Gone Lawn and Cafe Irreal and is forthcoming in other mags.