two poems by n. t.

Dracula (1992)

when people mention this movie all I can think about
is the scene where Gary Oldman possesses a gorilla

and fucks Sadie Frost on the cold bench in the rain
how come Winona Ryder never gets in on that action

ok so she pets that wolf and you can tell the soft fur
is charting five point eight under her petticoats but

Sadie looked like she was having some serious fun
breasts attentive in her soaked nightdress

white legs sprung to the rapture of the jungle
before the stake writes her back into patriarchy

and we can unironically enjoy wooden jokes about
Keanu Reeves I’m going to rewind one more time

just to imagine my face swamped by that black pelt
a deep animal shudder screaming do not see me
One Night in San Diego

there is a whole damn zoo on your body

          I mean
who let those butterflies escape to your arms

          and there’s a bird crossing your shoulder
but no birdcage

I am grateful for the lack of bull elephants /
          bald eagles / antlers / dragon cocks
                              but I’d go halfsies

on the cost of a tree frog / a chameleon

          (or maybe just the tongue)

for some reason the polar bear
juggling chainsaws on your back

                   doesn’t bug me

maybe because I admire the survivalist ethos

          probably because
                   it’s hilarious

I embrace my responsibility
to feed the fruit from my limbs
          to your flat menagerie

the one time I took a bite from your torso
I got a mouthful of feathers

          the head keeper asked politely


          don’t ever
          come back

N.T. exists mostly on the internet but definitely has a body too. N.T. is rediscovering the porn cinema of the 1990s and has writing published or forthcoming at Specter and Cormac McCarthy’s Dead Typewriter. While reading this it might help to tell yourself that N.T. stands for ‘nipple tassels’.