two poems by michael hessel-mial

please deterritorialize me
honestly i need to know do you want me
what does my body tell you about what you want
please deterritorialize me
make me other, make me more or less
are you wet are you hard
are you half in love?
can i touch you and by seeing and hearing you
feel you being touched by me?
we can talk about this
i’ve never been obsessed like that but i’ve been obsessed
i’ve never been in love like that but i’ve been in love
i’m bristling with sweat and weapons
and if you leave now i’ll defuse, turn to hardened parts
falling as random as fruit
i don’t want you because i’m incomplete and need to be made whole
i want you because i’m whole and need breaking
i am absolute tension impeding flows
i am a suspension bridge making the world stop
please topple me
you can throw me on the floor but i’d rather you fucked me
my beloved
i’m a boulder in bondage
they call me bella, some ask me
to watch their home for forests.
leather and light, the smell of smoke
drifting from my bodice
wrapped in shimmer.
in kind, my child in
angel wings and gold armor
begging silently,
cane and magnifying glass and diaper
confronting the digital
burnt sugar censer,
swinging ripples
the distribution of sprite and alka selzer
coerced to utter randomness
relations of intersection
of ocean and star
honey-suckled trousers
lemon lips on my breasts
i am a soda can of cold sweat
a ravenous plunge through ice bath
frozen and lost but for movable springs
please kiss me, i have to pee so bad
i am willing to masturbate in bed for years
for a chance to talk to you
i am at the point of rupture

Michael Hessel-Mial was born in 1987, in Wisconsin. His body has gone from place to place, exchanging atoms and leaving bits behind. He is currently studying comparative literature at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. He is ‘becoming ok’ with artistic collaboration. He was made to love you. He is nearly brave.