two poems by jeremy bauer

bobby knight, parasite

do not fear for bobby knight is inside you
and he will arise as a ping-pong ball of
muscle and light from the wet ashes of your innards

do not fear for the process will be excruciating
but you are a vessel for the greater good
your blood and bones will be the clay from which
he will construct his corporeal frame

do not fear for bobby knight is inside me
and when you explode i’ll be slopped debris
with you as he sets about becoming

final milky light we will be with him in warmth
as will everyone else he has touched and the
stain seen from space will mark our kingdom’s come
Horses Won’t Obey Anything

The penciled dawn hangs lazy,
softer, mushier than a baby’s head.
Horses won’t obey anything until you can disprove their
theories or cut the quanta of their hair.
The hooves sound too blue to me, taste too digital.
Daniel will never leave his native state of Earth,
not while the dawn’s too busy and horse hooves are more
like pink buzzings.
You oughta see me without a drink, my family sends their
My lawn feels and moves like a badunkadunk, the
vertigo a confusing sexy, and if you feel like an egret
you should talk to your father.
She done stuck me right in the middle ‘a all of it,
the green potato chip of hopeless indifference,
seamless as the smell of city traffic.
Cloudy as a drought, feeling like shampoo suds,
Daniel dunked on Jupiter when Saturn’s pick failed.
Jesse couldn’t tell if it was his shoes or
the light he found in the precise infinite moment.
The South will rise again, so it is written,
so it has been adopted by mud and grits.
Everyone could hear the moans
when the cinderblocks grew cuddly.
Their eyes were blue, so when you peaked
you were supposed to feel a child die
and complacency and bathtubs
full of mercury because there needs to be
decency in the world.
Once again, with a firm taste of ketchup in
my life, jump-rope dawn
debated assy glows
and The South, obeying baby pulls
and lasso gravitations.
Jeremy Bauer is a field of you. When you dip, he dips, we dip. Only twice has he stolen your shower mold, but it was for a clandestine cause. He exists with his wife, a field of light of the greatest wavelength. He can be heard here