tryptophamily by ophelia

I once had a dream my mother fucked me
with the same dick that grew like a flag in the wind
when I would share my father’s musty bed in the cold mornings
as a child.
She spread out her arms and legs and splayed herself above me
rocking back and forth, in and out,
the folds of her sweaty rolls of skin sticking to my abdomen
    – thok! groan, thok! groan, thok! –
like a bad cartoon of a middle aged woman pretending to be Superman

Last week they called to tell me
they were coming to town for Thanksgiving
so now I’m standing over this stripped, slimy turkey
patting its fat sides with rock salt and trying not to gag
when I slip my fingers and hands inside.

Good little turkey, with good little thighs
open wide and take this stuffing
I only eat you because I love how you taste.

It’s a compliment, really.
Everyone fucked Ophelia, but Ophelia died a virgin.