three stories by carabella sands

A Mental Picture Of A Day It Would Be Inappropriate To Take A Photo Of

I think you can see a wisdom tooth poking through my cheek in this picture. The baby I’m holding pours red Kool-Aid all through the layers of white that he wears and grass sticks to his every limb. He likes to eat the grass so his mom washed the lawn with a hose before I got there. Everybody else looks like they’re either laughing or crying. They are eating fried chicken and sharing greasy ice cubes.
The Empress

There is a pair of pants that look like smooth skin and every girl owns a pair. They look like dolls. I own a pair, too. I look at my empty lap and I imagine all the laps I see on the internet filled with dogs and cats and heads sleeping or staring into the camera. I look down at those faces and I say, “I love you kitty” They look back at me and say nothing so I say to myself, “You are the greatest”
Hey Look At This

One of the trolls who lives under the bridge won the lottery. Instead of buying his own bridge, he bought a truck full of manure harvested from cows who were fed only grass made out of gold. He and all his bridge troll bros rolled in it while the children who played above sat in a circle and made up a game where they slapped each other’s hands until they were bruised and no one knew anymore whose hands were whose.
Carabella Sands lives between pixels. Carabella is a stray cat. Carabella was born without a heart and has had to earn the one she has now.