three poems by charley foster

Then it was dark, then it was purple
chaos before the morning wakes up

There is geography everywhere
and in my ears a great voice

I spotted you in the vapor
your flesh clearer by the distance

I swelled and swelled at the window
and drifted finally away through the night

I remember you as a young girl
with several minor problems

dropping like a window on my neck
I stand completely motionless
and silent in a doorway
of a blacked out house
slanted in the rain

At midnight I give up
and go to bed
leaving you alone
in society’s dark interior

I dream of your morning toilet
of you one day accepting
one of my pamphlets
Look over the wall
separating your adult life
from everywhere

I stand on it
and peer into your windows
the invisible man

I can hear the noises
and voices of ghosts
from the dark rooms

Unable to sleep peacefully
they wring
their hands and complain
Charley Foster is a recluse hiding from humanity on a rural island where he writes and drinks.