subsection from _the felts_ by j/j hastain

feeling your sex in me
as your helplessness to me

and from this
a concord muse
an adherence with pulsations and additions

the unending feral
emergence of effeminate matrix

as identity
as how to identify with

that we are becoming
density without doubt

oh pubic chalice
being made public


then accuracies that come
as a spurting
only after such significant constancy

a polished wine glass
both before and after the wine gets poured in

you tie my arms and legs
so that I am all


and you gaze into
this yield
that I choose

that I am subjected to

like the way the loose soil is marked
by the throbbing saturate

from above it

oh melodic musculatures

how during that night
I dreamt
of multi-sexed crops
as a non-debatable pungency

neither wholly smooth
nor wholly rough

how I felt you as a gruff serum
as you peered into me
before peeling
j/j hastain loves to drink jasmine tea in the mornings and believes that fucking can be transcendental based on our embodiments.