one poem by manuel arturo abreu

i once meditated
by watching a porn
which was a japanese woman
climbing into a tub of plaster
with a thin tube in her mouth
she lowered herself with a fearful
pixelated expression
eventually all i saw was the tube
sticking out of the slowly-drying plaster
i did not try to masturbate
it was literally more boring than paint drying
she was in the plaster for fifteen minutes
i let different small feelings pass through me
tiny versions of real feelings are all i can handle
then they pulled her out
her lips were blue and i was scared
and suddenly aroused
they removed plaster from her face and body
they slapped her face softly
she gradually came to
Manuel Arturo Abreu was born in Santo Domingo, raised in the Bronx, and studies in Portland. He writes, breathes, and thanks you for being alive. He is proud of you.