MIRACLES by russ woods

Sara’s dog is a miracle
with four hairy legs that
twitch when he is sleeping.

She wants to taste his little
claws sometimes wants
to use her teeth to get
the black gunk out from
underneath them just feeling
the little nails sliding between
her teeth across her lips one
at a time carefully so she
doesn’t wake him up.

She can feel the little
pads on her lower lip
scratchy but like good
somehow her tongue
wants to go find the
webbed parts on these
strange little inhuman

Sara wants to look at him her dog and
have their eyes meet there and take all of
his ear inside her mouth and whisper
Russ Woods is maybe a creepy dog owner, but it has more to do with the intensity of his feelings than their inappropriateness. He co-edits Red Lightbulbs and lives in Chicago.