letter to my wife by chuck young

Letter To My Wife re: The Seven Part Poem I Wrote About A Hookup That Occurred In 2004 With Someone Who Happened To Be Her Friend At The Time And Also Her Enemy Where I Also Used Provocative Myspace Pictures Of The Previously Mentioned Person In Order To Better Suit The Nostalgic / Voyeuristic Vibe I Was Going For To Give The Reader The Impression That They Shouldn’t Be Reading This / Seeing This / They Have Intruded On Something Intimate Even Though This Intimacy Was Purely A Result Of The Fictionalizing Of This Series Of Events Because The Piece Ended Up Becoming Something Other Than Just The Amusing Anecdote That It Had Started Out As But Isn’t That What Makes Art And Writing So Beautiful And That Artistic Evolution Is Also Why I Ended Up Liking The Piece So Much And Included It In The Collection Of Stories That I Put Out Without Telling Her Or Showing To Her First In Order To Get Her Feedback Or Approval

I’m sorry. Happy Valentine’s Day.

-Your Loving Husband
Chuck Young thinks D’angelos should come up with a signature sandwich called, Untitled (How Does it Feel), so he can have something to eat while sexting you.