fuckland by mike bushnell

I recall your kiss so vividly no matter where we are there are little pieces of fur stuck in the cracks there is a little wind getting through

come here baby let me rub your shoulders down that’s it now I’m kissing your shoulders now I’m undressing you and you are bashful but I put my hand on your pussy and I feel how wet I am inside I smile with both lips and I kiss you with both lips and I part both lips to whisper that you are my only love

I thrust my hips into you and you know there are reports of earthquakes all over the world there are unicorns dancing around us and then we are holding hands so casual while we catch our breath

your pussy will abduct my dick to run all sorts of tests I am so hard I pull my dick out of your pussy and hammer a nail into the bedpost while you laugh then you crawl across the bed and put your mouth on it you sip that’s it right there oh right there baby and you look up with your mouth so full

my heart pumps blood straight to my dick so I can love you physically because to me your body is the pinnacle of bodies

I sat down to write a poem full of pyrotechnics to remind you why you love me but all I could do was think of your skin I am a fool full of longing and desire I am your fool

we will get off and we will smile and we will battle for happiness through the stress of the days but when none of that is going on imma toss you in the air and catch you on my dick imma catch you on my dick and turn this world to fuckland
Mike Bushnell is here to try real hard at everything.