friday morning by c.p. harrison

4:30am woke up rocking back and forth and realized i was sleeping face down in my squishy pillow

realized iw as humping, physixcally humping while asleep

i try to retrace my nocturnal steps to find out who i was with / unsure why this matters

i can remember turning on the fan

i can remember a sense of fear

i can remember being under a bridge maybe

i can remember running i think
10am with coffee she is going on about Ronnie’s

paw is swollen again and she’s concerned about where he’s been

what he’s getting into

i remember it was you in the dream

i remember both of us face down

i smile and she calls me “cat hater” which

makes me chuckle
still not sure why the sense of fear
C.P. Harrison is a poet and contract dancer living in ATX.