four poems by parker tettleton

We Say Summer

Before we begin there are periods. I window the morning for more than fucking, you floor I’ve blinked for less. The sun is a mechanic. On all fours is a place for concrete.
I Smile Fucked

Lemons are the sentence after I walk where we came back. The second thing I have to say is a dream: we’re not maybe, before, usually, ourselves. There’s a cop on the screen above my eyes. The suspect says I want to be in compliance. I leave before leftovers, make steps out of blinks.
I Am This Far Away

I’ve thought about thinking me, leaving eyebrows by seasons. To. The third sentence is warm if you remember it. It’s again if you don’t. The fifth is for pleading language as an instant.
Before Three

Some sex is like others. I would know twice. The reason is I’ve reasoned. The month is February. Don’t tell me you read this later.
Parker Tettleton‘s work is featured in &/or forthcoming from Gargoyle, Spittoon, em:me, Heavy Feather Review, & Tiger Train, among others. His grocery-themed collection, GREENS, is available from Thunderclap! Press. More or less is here.