four poems by kalau almony

Let’s selfdestruct together

I want to do eye shots with you.
Then we can skip across fields of
used needles
and feed crocodiles with our
bloody feet
dangling in the water.
And when one of them grabs my ankle,
hold my hand until
we’re both gone.

And when you reach inside me it hurts it hurts
but I know it will stop
once you hollow me out.
The History of Death

Shakespeare used to make puns about dying because
“die” meant “orgasm.”
Then, in 1986,
the Cutting Crew released a song called “(I Just) Died in Your Arms Tonight.”
Shakespeare stopped making puns.
The Physical Impossibility of Life in the Face of

I will preserve you like Damien Hirst preserved that shark.
I will put your corpse
in a museum
and charge admission.
People will come from around the world
just to look at you like a dead shark
forever drowning in formaldehyde.
Kalau Almony is a Hawaii-based writer and translator. He is very hairy. He tries to talk poetry in the way we talk poetry nowadays but his accent is bad. You can hear his bad accent and pull his hair at and