four poems by bradley j. milton

King’s Quest

Huge hot-air balloons
dot the sky, all the
colors swirling.
“Why?” I asked him,

bent down,
how to save
the young man
who might still
fool the delegates,
who themselves
are disguised now
as waiters,
all the others
who are vanishing
I’m shouting

Everyone, and I look the ground at the persons,
we are the world and just you all think about it!

And the older ones, in the back coming in late,
I find apologies at this belated correspondence!

And moving on upward now going home, on my
lap she’ll feel better desires — any of my Olsmobile

backseats are game now as well, I’m going all out, I
seriously say that right now this is it!

I saw the long silence return like a thousand year
cometh, but really, I went, I’ll fetch her tongue.
So many know everything

What a wreck for advice;

the processes of the waves

had been warning you, and for

once it did do right always.
Bradley J. Milton is the author of Huckleberry Milton.